Coding for the Kau-Keaau-Pahoa Complex

We were so excited to be able to support three schools in the Kau-Keaau-Pahoa Complex on Hawai’i island to offer coding enrichment summer classes!  HI FusionED provided interactive training in Scratch coding, along with instructional videos for students to follow.  This work was done in partnership with our collaborators at the University of Hawai’i College of Education, Curriculum Research & Development Group.

Keiki Engineering: Coding for Preschoolers

(Honolulu 2015) Question: What do jelly sandwiches and milk and cookies have to do with coding?

The Tinker & Do Academy’s Keiki Engineering program launched its second unit, “Cool Coding!” at Pali Preschool this Fall. Using games and programmable robots, our 4-5 year old students were introduced to basic coding concepts and ideas through guided play.

Highly engaging activities included programming BeeBots, mapping paths for OzoBot and even an introduction to developing “truth tables”!

Special thanks to Pali Preschool Director, Nancy Moore, for giving us the opportunity to launch Keiki Engineering lessons there.DESIGNING CODE FOR OZOBOTWRITING “CODE” FOR BEEBOTCURIOUS ONLOOKERS


November: EcoVentures Hawai‘i

(Honolulu 2015) In collaboration with EarthWorks and the Hawai‘i State Department of Education, HI FusionED presented transformative field experiences for 21st Century Community Learning Center educators this Fall. EcoVentures Hawai‘i is a program designed to inspire personal and professional growth in sustainability and ecological awareness by visiting sites and meeting local practitioners. Through field observations and activities, participants learn from zero footprint leaders in Hawai‘i who are designing and implementing innovative place-based strategies in sustainable systems and resource management.

In addition to the guided tours, Cindie Ogata, MEd (EarthWorks) provided linkages between the information presented and classroom implementation. During the bus ride to and from each destination (as well as interjecting her thoughts during site visits), Ms. Ogata presented key points to help educators align resources with classroom objectives for action planning. Ms. Ogata also provides on-going classroom support to help with implementation.

Special thanks to Kevin Vaccarello and Malia Smith from Sustain Hawai‘i (Palaka Moon Farm and ‘Ai Love Nalo Cafe) and Michael Leeand his staff (Kualoa Ranch Education Center) for sharing their time and their vision.

Michael Lee, Kualoa Ranch Education Center
Kevin Vaccarello, Palaka Moon Farm