11th Annual Hawaii Robofest – Congratz to All!

Congratulations to all the participants at the 11th annual Hawaii Robofest Regional event! This year, the Regional was held at the Pearl City High School Cafeteria. Special thanks to the Pearl City High School Robotics Club members and advisor, Mr. Hai Nguyen, for helping us during set up and breakdown and for the great robotics demo and Q&A during break. Additional shout out to Vice Principal Gary Kanamori (also, Head Referee) for his assistance at the event…and, especially for facilitating our programming workshop in February!

Of course, there would be no program without Prof. CJ Chung and Robofest staff at Lawrence Technological University, as well as our Hawaii Sponsors and Community Partners. MAHALO for your generous and continued support!!!

Community Partners: Waikele Elementary School, Highlands Intermediate School, Flo’s Min Florist, Inc.

Mahalo to all our volunteers, coaches, parents, teachers and school administrators for your hard work in supporting Hawaii Robofest students throughout the year!


ROBOPARADE (Non-competitive)

  • 1st People’s Choice Award – Nanakuli Elementary Team 1931-4 “Team 3”
  • 2nd People’s Choice Award – Palisades Elementary Team 1960-3 “Palibots 3”


  • 1st Place (Single Elimination) – Highlands Intermediate Team 2545-2 “HIS Purple”
  • Runner Up (Single Elimination) – Kanoelani Elementary Team 2424-3 “Robotfighters”

Main Category: GAME – AtBC

  • 1st Place – Highlands Intermediate Team 2545-3 “HIS Purple”
  • 2nd Place – Kapolei Middle, Team 1945-1 KMS Tech Hui
  • 3rd Place – Highlands Intermediate Team 2545-4 “HIS Gray”
  • 4th Place – Kanoelani Elementary Team 2424-2 “Robo Tennis”

Main Category: EXHIBITION

  • 1st Place: Manana Elementary Team 784-1 “Pena Removers”
  • 2nd Place – Kanoelani Elementary Team 1945-1 “Robotic Scorpions”
  • 3rd Place – Kapolei Middle Team 1945-1 “KMS TechHui”
  • People’s Choice Award – Manana Elementary Team 784-1 “Pena Removers”

For more information, please contact us at info[at]hifusioned.org or call 808.988.1931. Visit our local Hawaii Robofest website or the national Robofest website for more information.