HI FusionED Hosts 9th Annual Hawaii Robofest

The 9th annual Hawaii Robofest Regional Qualifying Competition was held on Saturday, April 11th, at Pearl City High School. The Hawaii Regional is part of an international network of Robofest sites hosting scholastic robotic events in eight different countries and in eleven states across the nation. For the past several years, Hawaii has represented the largest regional event among all Robofest sites. This year, there were 56 teams from 17 different elementary and middle schools registered.

Kudos to all our sponsors, community partners, volunteers, parents and schools who were responsible for giving these students an opportunity to make learning fun!

Coach Comments:

“Hawaii Robofest gives students inspiration to work on STEM (i.e., science, technology, engineering, mathematics) projects…With the criteria set forth in Robofest, the students must learn teamwork, communication, perseverance and dedication to meet an end goal…It is an invaluable experience.”

“It’s a valuable enrichment to all schools if it was offered as a course or taught in the curriculum in addressing the (Next Generation Science Standards) for science and technology in schools.”

“Robofest is definitely an asset at our school as it allows students (the) enrichment (that) may not be so prevalent in the classroom…In the four years we have participated in Robofest, the students have developed life-long learning skills…such as teamwork, problem solving, communication and critical thinking. Thank you…for all you do in bringing Robofest to our schools!”

For more Robofest information, please visit the national website at or the Hawaii Robofest website.