Tinker & Do Classes Back In-Person!

The Tinker & Do Academy has been so excited to offer in-person classes again!  We are currently providing robotics classes for preschoolers through first graders, and coding classes for 1st through 6th graders. All courses are focused on providing engaging, hands-on activities for our students to practice tech and coding skills that are FUN!  Classes are offered through enrichment programs across the island – please check with your school or contact us for more information!

Coding for the Kau-Keaau-Pahoa Complex

We were so excited to be able to support three schools in the Kau-Keaau-Pahoa Complex on Hawai’i island to offer coding enrichment summer classes!  HI FusionED provided interactive training in Scratch coding, along with instructional videos for students to follow.  This work was done in partnership with our collaborators at the University of Hawai’i College of Education, Curriculum Research & Development Group.

RobotX Competition

Our collaborators at RoboNation are holding their first in-person Robo Sub competition in several years!  RoboNation hosts several international robotics competitions, in which students grow their love for robotics and bulid real-world skills they’ll need in the workforce, and in life.  They engage over 250,000 students each year!

In 2018, HI FusionED partnered with RoboNation to help host the international Maritime RobotX Challenge on Sand Island!  In addition to the rigorous autonomous maritime vehicle competition for university-level teams from across the world, there was also a hands-on science and engineering fair for Hawaii’s K-12 students.  Students were able to drive tethered underwater robots, learn to tie maritime knots from the Polynesian Voyaging Society, play with 3D printers, explore NOAA science centers, and more!  They also got to talk story with the RobotX competition teams and see the competitors in action!

Alaska-Hawaii Drone Training

HI FusionED led a virtual drone training and curriculum development workshop for the 2020 cohort of teachers from the Nānākuli-Wai‘anae Complex Area and Nome, Alaska.  Teachers learned how to fly a drone and capture video, then developed student-directed activities centered on environmental education over the course of three Saturay half-day sessions.

This project was a part of the TASK project (Teacher Ambassadors Sharing Knowledge), joining teaches in Hawaii and Alaska to provide experiential environmental education learning opportunities to their students.  

Check out this video of the west side of O’ahu taken by one of the teachers during training!

DT at Nanakuli Elementary School

In May, HI FusionED concluded a 3-year project in partnership with Nanakuli Elementary School (NES). Led by Principal Lisa Higa, the project involved professional development and training to improve school culture and increase student success.

Each year, Principal Higa selects a personal/professional development concept book for faculty and staff to read over the summer. She then works with and coordinates activities with consultants who provide professional development and training based on the current book’s concepts that align with the school’s overall goals and objectives.

In 2015, HI FusionED was contracted to use Design Thinking and Engineering Design processes to help faculty and staff at NES understand and use these tools and strategies to move NES forward. In addition, HI FusionED aligned activities with other on-going trainings and approaches (e.g., Strength Finders, MindUp!/neuroplasticity and Growth Mindset).

Special thanks to our training team — Mr. Kapono Ciotti, Ms. Sandy Ahu and Ms. Sheri Fitzgerald — for their expertise and commitment. Thanks also to Waialae Elementary Public Charter School for sharing their best practices with us.

Results were exciting and NES continues on their journey towards student-centered learning that focuses on the whole child within a culture of respect inside and beyond the classroom.

We thank Principal Higa and the entire NES faculty and staff for giving us the opportunity to work with such a dedicated team who truly hold their students in their hearts and minds. Best wishes to the entire NES community for continued success!!!

For more information about sustained professional development training, please contact us at info[at]hifusioned.org or call (808) 988-1931.

11th Annual Hawaii Robofest – Congratz to All!

Congratulations to all the participants at the 11th annual Hawaii Robofest Regional event! This year, the Regional was held at the Pearl City High School Cafeteria. Special thanks to the Pearl City High School Robotics Club members and advisor, Mr. Hai Nguyen, for helping us during set up and breakdown and for the great robotics demo and Q&A during break. Additional shout out to Vice Principal Gary Kanamori (also, Head Referee) for his assistance at the event…and, especially for facilitating our programming workshop in February!

Of course, there would be no program without Prof. CJ Chung and Robofest staff at Lawrence Technological University, as well as our Hawaii Sponsors and Community Partners. MAHALO for your generous and continued support!!!

Community Partners: Waikele Elementary School, Highlands Intermediate School, Flo’s Min Florist, Inc.

Mahalo to all our volunteers, coaches, parents, teachers and school administrators for your hard work in supporting Hawaii Robofest students throughout the year!


ROBOPARADE (Non-competitive)

  • 1st People’s Choice Award – Nanakuli Elementary Team 1931-4 “Team 3”
  • 2nd People’s Choice Award – Palisades Elementary Team 1960-3 “Palibots 3”


  • 1st Place (Single Elimination) – Highlands Intermediate Team 2545-2 “HIS Purple”
  • Runner Up (Single Elimination) – Kanoelani Elementary Team 2424-3 “Robotfighters”

Main Category: GAME – AtBC

  • 1st Place – Highlands Intermediate Team 2545-3 “HIS Purple”
  • 2nd Place – Kapolei Middle, Team 1945-1 KMS Tech Hui
  • 3rd Place – Highlands Intermediate Team 2545-4 “HIS Gray”
  • 4th Place – Kanoelani Elementary Team 2424-2 “Robo Tennis”

Main Category: EXHIBITION

  • 1st Place: Manana Elementary Team 784-1 “Pena Removers”
  • 2nd Place – Kanoelani Elementary Team 1945-1 “Robotic Scorpions”
  • 3rd Place – Kapolei Middle Team 1945-1 “KMS TechHui”
  • People’s Choice Award – Manana Elementary Team 784-1 “Pena Removers”

For more information, please contact us at info[at]hifusioned.org or call 808.988.1931. Visit our local Hawaii Robofest website or the national Robofest website for more information.

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